Swim Smooth, Bike Smart and Run Strong!

‘Twas the nite before…

So, ever wonder what a triathlete is doing the hours leading up to their first Ironman?  Well, let me share some of what my afternoon has been like!

Headed down to Tempe Beach Park this morning around 11am to drop off my Felt B14 and check my bike and run gear bags.

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Once that was done, I dropped my gear bags.  A full Ironman is a little different than other triathlons.  For a shorter distance, you setup all your gear for the bike and run right next to your bike. When you come in out of the water, you go to your bike and get all your gear on they out you go!  For a full Ironman distance, you have nothing at your bike – you place all your gear in two separate bags, one for the bike and one for the run.  When come in from the run, you pick up your bike gear back and head into a very large tent (men and women are separate).  In there you get all your bike gear on then head out and get your bike.

Run gear bag drop

Bike gear drop

After this, my wife (my ultimate support team!) walked and checked out the swim exit and swim course.  Man, looking at the swim course and I realized 2.4 miles is a long, long way!  Then I walked the path from the water to the transition area.  It is a pretty far distance, but it should be good.

We then met up with a friend from Washington who is doing his first as well.  We chatted then met up with his training buddy and we all went to lunch!  At lunch, i ate so much my stomach hurt!  Trying to top off and get ready for a nice light dinner with some other friends we knew back in Montana that now live here.

In between all of this, I had the please of talking with a friend who did this same race last year.  We did the Phoenix Rock n Roll Marathon this past January.  (well he did the full the marathon and I did the half).  He gave me plenty of pointers on the swim and the bike.  Great pointers, thank Brian!

We discussed the starting position for the swim. I have read so many different theories, it is hard to know what makes sense.  For a full Ironman, everyone starts the swim at the same time!

As I sit here, less than 12 hours to the start, I feel very calm and ready.  Ready to embark in one of my toughest single event challenges!  With great respect for how difficult tomorrow will be, I am confident in my training and my determination to complete it!

Now, it is time for some rest – hopefully I can get some sleep tonight for tomorrow I swim smooth, bike smart and run strong!


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One thought on “‘Twas the nite before…

  1. Ha! From your pics, I see we are racked near each other. Im 1367! See you on the road! Kick some butt!

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